musicians20in20's moderating community

Hey ladies! :)

First off, go read my comment here:  and let me know if you like the idea of all us sharing responsabilities for at least the 1st round <3

Second, I'm still a little mentally/physically off because I just had a really bad reaction to a new migraine prescription the doctor gave me (srsly, the world would not stop spinning for 2 days and i couldn't even get out of bed.. not fun!) so if something i say doesn't come off clear, or you don't understand what i'm trying to explain, just let me know and I'm sorry! D:

Third, let's go YAY and come up with the themes and category set ideas for the first round. POST IDEAS/WANTS/THOUGHTS girls!

I'd really like to have an extreme negative space theme, and maybe something RAINBOW related :) OOO, and how about stolen claim? Where each member has to make an icon of someone else's chosen musician.


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